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Münchner Rundfunk Orchester - We play under the skin

We play under the skin. For the inauguration of chief conductor Ivan Repušić, we revised the visual appearance of the Munich Radio Orchestra.

Under the motto "We play under the skin", we developed an image concept that depicts the sensuality of the music and the signature of the new artistic director in an unseen way.

Concept and realization of the first image film in the orchestra's history
Corporate Design

For the image communication we developed an extraordinary image concept : The music is visualized in an aesthetic way by making the air around the musicians of the radio orchestra vibrate.

Ser sound of the instruments become visible in the form of flowers, confetti, feathers and much more. Key elements for the design are derived from the logo and can be found throughout the communication.

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Concert planner

One of the most important communication tools of the Munich Radio Orchestra is the concert planner. It provides an overview of all concert series and individual concerts, including the so-called main concert series, such as "Paradisi gloria," Sunday concerts and the after-work format "Wednesdays at half past seven.

In addition to the program notes, each program booklet revolves around a main topic, such as "Facts & Figures about the Orchestra" or "Backstage Impressions".

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