Listening without borders - theme campaign for the radio program with a background
Bayern 2
Bayern 2
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Bayern 2 – Listening without borders

The corporate design elements of color and type are the common denominator in our implementation of the brand identity and communication for Bayern 2. Depending on the medium and target group, they are used in different weights.

Theme campaign for Bayern 2

In order to position itself more strongly within the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation, we developed a campaign for Bayern 2. This was to be colorful and courageous, in keeping with the character of Bayern 2. Our approach: "The radio program with a background", a series full of surprising combinations of surreal-looking photos and neologisms. The concept conveys the themes of Bayern 2's sophisticated and cosmopolitan program in its own unique way. For limitless listening.

Topics that move the net - key visual for Bayern 2's net congress.

From "What the F***!" to #cashtag: The Zündfunk Net Congress stands for education and knowledge transfer. Zündfunk provides food for thought, wants to surprise its visitors and discuss with them. About topics such as economy, artificial intelligence and war & peace/democracy on the net. We have been developing the key visual for Bayern 2's Zündfunk Netzkongress since 2013.

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