Bike passion paired with Swiss quality awareness
The Ride Feeling (Photo Credit: Martin Bissig)
Intercycle BIXS
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  • Value proposition design
  • Product graphics
  • Brand communication
BIXS – The Ride Feeling

The Swiss bicycle brand BIXS stands for the fusion of Swissness and unlimited passion for biking. We have been serving BIXS as lead agency since 2004.

2018 Models
Product graphics with quality standards

In order to really live out one's passion for biking, one needs a bike that is optimally tailored to the user's needs. If these requirements are then reflected in its design, it becomes a top bike. And that is what BIXS offers with its Swiss quality standards, attention to detail and an absolutely bike enthusiastic development team.

Brand communication

The abstracted use of typical Swiss style elements in the corporate design and the means of communication stands for the self-image of the brand and at the same time shows the playground and the attitude towards life in which BIXS moves.

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